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Here’s What You’ll Receive:

Free introduction to proven speaking, presentation and communication skills


Public Speaking

You can achieve better success when speaking on Zoom:

#1 – By leverage human listening behaviors.
#2 – By eliminating distracting speech behavior.
#3 – By presenting a clear framework.

You may not even realize these pieces are missing from your game. Fill in the gaps and raise your overall confidence.

Sales Presentations

The keys to a good sales presentation don’t sound like presenting at all:

#1 – Are you projecting authenticity?
#2 – Gaining equal business status?
#3 – Asking the right questions?

Learn the secrets to doing all three every time. Now, that sounds doable!

Personal Branding

Have you figured out how to stand out from the crowd?

#1 – Defining a purposeful narrative
#2 – Social Media content creation
#3 – Targeting demographic

Discover this power only you possess. Your public persona should be uniquely personal and impactful.

Paul Geiger

Paul Geiger is a New York public speaking coach and presentation consultant. Paul has advised companies as diverse as JP Morgan, NBC News, and Twitter. Having been a member of the Forbes Coaches Council since 2019, he offers coaching and insights on public speaking, leadership communications, speech training, and virtual presenting.

Glen Ingram

Glen Ingram is a sales coach with over 20 years of experience selling, training and coaching sales people from large corporations to small business owners.  Glen has been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in new and increased sales.  He will introduce you to sales, presentation skill, personality and psychology identification and interactions as well as creating a personal brand for you and your company.

Happy Customers

There are gems here that I was never aware of! It makes sense when you hear it from someone like Paul Geiger who has spent his career figuring this stuff out.

Michael Z
Managing Director, NYC

Glen’s Steps of the Sale and Needs Analysis have transformed my business!  I am much more confident meeting with potential customers

Digital Marketing Agency Owner